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FintechNews provides a source of timely deep insights and latest local news about digital finance. Launched in September 2015, the FintechNews team is working very hard to deliver fintech-centric contents of various content types to an audience who wants updates on fintech events, stunning opinions about fintech from highly-reputable digital finance innovators, newest analysis on fintech application from most-active insiders, breaking news on fintech topics and fintech market alerts, etc.

FinTechNews has 4 channels covering fintech news around the world. FintechNews Switzerland includes FinTech articles and FinTech events in Switzerland and Europe, FintechNews Hong Kong covers content in Hong Kong, FintechNews Malaysiawhich covers Malaysian specific content. and FintechNews Singapore includes content in Singapore and Southeast Asia 


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Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient. Financial technology companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software.
Top popular FinTech topics include Mobile Payments, Money Transfer, Blockchain/Bitcoin, Online Wealth Management, InsurTech,  Crowdfunding, Lending, Personal Finance, RegTech, and mmany more

FinTechnews Founder
Christian König

Christian König | Fintech Specialist

    • Consultant for Financial Products Issuers and Finance 2.0 / FinTech Startups.
    • Social Media, Content Marketing and Media Monitoring Strategist.
    • Trendscout, News and Ad-Curator , Online-Marketing-Optimizer, Blogger.
  • Working on various online-projects, FinTech Speaker, FinTech Mentor StartupBootcamp, nexussquare and Fusion. Digital Finance and Content Marketing lecturer.
  • Example Consulting projects: Building up the Product and Community Management for Sentifi Asia.
  • Launching justETF.ch, Twitter Management for the Swiss Financial Fair (Fondsmesse)
FinTechNews Malaysia Chief Editor
Vincent Fong

Chief Editor – FintechNews Malaysia

  • Keen observer of the fintech space
  • Content specialist
  • Community Builder
  • Events Specialist
  • Frequent Speaker