Fintech in Malaysia 2018 – January News Roundup

Malaysia’s fintech scene is becoming increasingly active, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the important events, we figured it might be useful to our readers to do a summary. Here are some news roundup for the month

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RM 14 Million Raised: pitchIN Leads Malaysia’s Equity Crowdfunding with 60% Market Share

Malaysia’s equity crowdfunding scene is becoming increasingly vibrant, during the pitchIN Equity Crowdfunding Report 2017 event, the crowdfunding platform announced that they ended 2017 with 60% market share closing at a total of RM 14,022,132 with 12 issuers.   Sam

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The State of Equity Crowdfunding Malaysia

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables the general public to invest in typically early stage businesses. In return for the investment the investors are typically given a small piece of equity in return (think Kickstarter but instead of rewards

Read More – World’s First Licensed Islamic P2P/Crowdfunding Platform

Securities Commission Malaysia has awarded 6 P2P licenses, one of which is the world’s first license for Shari’ah-compliant P2P. This license was awarded to, which will be focused on funding small businesses, and real estate development projects. The team

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