Fintech Events in Malaysia

Fintech Events in Malaysia

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Event Information:

  • Tue

    On-Demand Webinar: How Can Crypto Firms Stay Compliant With the Travel Rule


    On Demand Webinar: Refinitiv
    With the introduction of the Travel Rule for Crypto Assets, it is clear that regulators are working towards introducing regulatory framework in the Crypto industry similar to the Banking industry. How can Crypto companies and investors better prepare themselves during Crypto winter and benefit from the next boom?

    Join the panel discussion in collaboration with Allen & Overy to learn from industry experts on:

    • What are the regulatory development framework and trends in APAC in terms of risk management, reporting and disclosure?
    • What are the impacts of the introduction of Travel Rules for Crypto Assets? How are industry players complying with it?
    • Tips for Crypto companies complying with the regulations
    • How can Crypto companies be better prepared for the future regulation changes?

    Register here:

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