GHL Enables SMEs to Pay Any Suppliers With Credit Cards

GHL Enables SMEs to Pay Any Suppliers With Credit Cards

by August 24, 2021

GHL Systems has introduced CARDit which is a platform that utilises a consumer’s credit card limit by allowing them to pay via a credit card to payees that traditionally do not accept credit cards.

While CARDit is available to both businesses and individuals, GHL said that it would be especially beneficial to Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), facilitating credit card payments for suppliers, thus improving business cash flow.

Using CARDit, consumers and businesses can move these regular payments from cash, cheque or bank transfers to their credit cards.

CARDit charges a one-off transaction fee and offers reward points similar to the perks of a credit card.

GHL added that to kick off its first phase, payments for education and tuition fees, rent, condominium fees, and season parking will be accepted before the full rollout to include a myriad other types of payees.

Sean S. Hesh GHL

Sean S. Hesh

Sean S. Hesh, Group CEO of GHL Systems said,

“We are thrilled to introduce CARDit by GHL as we believe that the value proposition offered would be extremely beneficial to both consumers and businesses especially those who are looking for a more effective way to manage their cash flow.


We continuously develop innovative payment solutions to accommodate the ever changing needs of our merchant customers as well as consumers in enhancing their payment experience.”