Touch ‘n Go Partners With PayNet to Launch Cashless Initiative in Kedah

Touch ‘n Go Partners With PayNet to Launch Cashless Initiative in Kedah

by July 18, 2022

Touch ‘n Go (TNG) Group has partnered with the Payment Network Malaysia (PayNet) to launch the ‘Mai Kita Cashless’ campaign for merchants and consumers at the Pasar Tani Kekal in Changlun, Kedah.

They are encouraged to change their business operations strategy with Touch ‘n Go eWallet and DuitNow QR as the primary mode of payment.

The campaign focuses on the communities in three villages within the area of Changlun, namely Kampung Baru Changloon, Kampung Paya Nongmi, and Kampung Tradisi Lembah Keriang.

There are over 300 merchants at Pasar Tani Kekal and the surrounding areas.

From now till 31 August 2022, these consumers can use Touch ’n Go eWallet for purchases by scanning the DuitNow QR code and they will receive a RM5 cashback for every transaction, with a minimum transaction sum of RM10.

Merchants who sign up within this period of time, will get a RM20 reward upon completion of 10 transactions.

The ‘Mai Kita Cashless’ campaign was launched to encourage and support the government’s continuous efforts in promoting cashless payments.

The campaign, which will run till 31 December 2022, also seeks to convert rural communities into a cashless society by educating the community on cashless transactions as a mode of payment.

Currently, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is accepted at over 670,000 online and offline retail points and at 1.2 million DuitNow QR points of sale nationwide.

Alan Ni

Alan Ni

“We started this initiative with PayNet as we want to provide the opportunity and platform to the rural communities in Malaysia, starting with Changlun in the Northern territory, to use and benefit from Touch ‘n Go eWallet and DuitNow QR.


This collaboration with PayNet allows us to extend a seamless, fast, convenient, and safe platform with DuitNow QR for merchants and consumers in Changlun, Kedah. We believe this partnership will help to fortify all merchants, as well as consumers in improving the economy in this area,”

said Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer, TNG Digital.

Farhan Ahmad Bento for Business

Farhan Ahmad

“We are now delighted to partner with TNG Digital to bring those same benefits of speed and convenience to Changlun as part of our ‘Project Cashless Kampung’, an initiative aimed at growing digital payments in non-urban communities.


Since DuitNow QR is the common QR code for the country, consumers can use it to make cashless payments across Changlun regardless of the bank or eWallet they want to use. We hope this initiative will spur economic growth in the area by making commerce more seamless and reducing the cost and hassle of managing cash,”

said Farhan Ahmad, Group CEO, PayNet.