Touch ‘n Go Sets up Insurance Hub GOprotect Comprising 6 Products

Touch ‘n Go Sets up Insurance Hub GOprotect Comprising 6 Products

by April 13, 2023

Touch ‘n Go Group via TNG Digital has set up the GOprotect platform where its users can purchase various types of insurance offerings through the eWallet app.

GOprotect currently features the 6 insurance products; WalletSafe, SafeTrip, SafeHome, CarInsure, CI Insure, and MotoInsure.

With GOprotect, Touch ‘n Go said that its users can purchase an insurance plan in less than 3 minutes after comparing quotes from its insurance partners such as AIA Malaysia, Allianz, Etiqa, MSIG, Takaful Ikhlas, Takaful Malaysia, and Zurich Takaful.

Touch ‘n Go added that its users are also guaranteed a hassle-free claim process through the 24/7 insurers’ claim hotline.

They can also keep track of the insurance policies through the “My Policies” tab on their eWallet app.

Alan Ni

Alan Ni

Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital said,

“Touch ‘n Go eWallet already has more than 2 million policies issued since the launch of its first insurance product in July 2021. In 2022 alone, we managed to issue 1.5 million policies and we plan on doubling the number of policies this year.


By working closely with our trusted insurance partners, Touch ‘n Go eWallet will introduce more value-for-money insurance products in the near future.”

Starting from RM1 for 6 months, users can get themselves protected with WalletSafe, in the event of death caused by accident or COVID-19, paying up to ten times the balance amount, with a maximum of RM25,000 in their Touch ‘n Go eWallet and GO+ balance.

If users are looking to travel domestically, they can opt to purchase SafeTrip, starting from RM3 daily, and get covered for travel inconvenience, medical expenses, personal accidents, and extra COVID-19 protection.

SafeHome is an insurance plan which offers up to 66% savings and protects one’s home against losses or damages for up to RM3 million for the building and up to RM50,000 for its contents due to events such as fire and lightning. Users can also expect to receive RM2,000 cash relief and RM5,000 per person in medical coverage.

The latest insurance offering, CI Insure is a health insurance plan, which covers the top 5 critical illnesses in Malaysia.

For CarInsure, users are provided with free personal accident protection worth up to RM50,000. Likewise, with MotoInsure, it offers the option of renewing road tax in conjunction with their insurance purchases.