Digital Banking Symposium Malaysia

About the Event

The Digital Banking Symposium is a virtual conference jointly organised by Huawei and Fintech News Malaysia. The event aims to bring you top insights for industry leaders over the course of two weeks.

Week 1 - 5th August 2021 (Thursday)

11:00 am- 12:00pm

Banking Reinvented: What Does the Future Hold for BFSI?

The banking industry is undergoing a revolution, today we are seeing disruption like we’ve never seen before.

From new entrants threatening to take a piece of the pie, shifting consumer behaviours, the emergence of digital currencies and assets, and a global pandemic — it can be quite a challenge to navigate these unknown times.

Key topics

  • Key trends shaping the banking sector
  • Defending your market share against disruption
  • How Malaysia’s top banks are future-proofing themselves


  • Domenic Fuda, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hong Leong Bank
  • Mohd Muazzam Mohamed, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  • Ignatius Ong, CEO, TNG Digital
  • Anson Shen, Chief Strategy Office, Huawei Cloud, Asia Pacifc
  • Moderated by: Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Banking in Today’s Digital Age

The rules of banking has fundamentally change in today’s digital age. How can Malaysian banks keep up with these changes?

  • Integrating products with customer’s unique life moments
  • Harnessing data driven insights
  • Investing in reusable technical insights to continuously bring new propositions into the market

Speaker: Shankar Kanabiran, Malaysia Financial Services Consulting Leader; Partner, EY 

Week 2 - 11th August 2021(Wednesday)

11:00 am – 12:00pm

Malaysia’s New Wave of Digital Banks

With the deadline for the digital banking bid now behind us, 29 hopefuls have been confirmed to be part of the bidding war to secure the 5 digital banking licenses up for grabs.

What will these new players bring to the table, how will this impact incumbent banks and consumer behaviours?

  • Are the new digital banks a threat to incumbents?
  • What new value propositions will they bring to the market?
  • How will it serve Malaysia’s underserved markets?


  • Salim Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder, BigPay
  • Naysan Munusamy, Co-Founder MoneyMatch
  • Hudhaifa Ahmad, Co-Founder and Executive Director, MyAngkasa
  • Wu Shiwei, Chief Technology Office, Huawei Cloud, Asia Pacific
  • Moderated by: Vincent Fong, Chief Editor, Fintech News Malaysia

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

Towards Digital Malaysia; Building a Future Proof Banking Industry

MyDIGITAL is set to leap the Malaysian digital economy. Two simple yet fundamental aspects to achieve a sustainable and future proof digital economy — cloud and infrastructure

This session will explore industry’s best practices and its ecosystem where it’s supported via:

  • Digital Connectivity (fixed and mobile)
  • Digital Infrastructure (Cloud & Data Center)
  • Digital Trust on its cybersecurity resilience

Speaker: Muhammad Ghaddafi, Vertical Director for Banking Financial Services and Insurance


hong leong bank Domenic Fuda
Domenic Fuda


Mohd Muazzam Mohamed
Mohd Muazzam Mohamed


Ignatius Ong


tng digital
Shankar Kanabiran
Shankar Kanabiran

Partner in the Financial Services Consulting

Anson Shen
Anson Shen

Chief Strategy Officer APAC

Salim Dhanani
Salim Dhanani


Naysan Munusamy
Naysan Munusamy


hudhaifa ahmad
Hudhaifa Ahmad


Muhammad Ghadaffi Bin Mohd Tairobi - Head banking & Financial Services
Muhammad Ghadaffi Tairobi

Vertical Director for Banking Financial Services and Insurance

tm one
Wu Shiwei


Vincent Fong

Chief Editor

Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer