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12 Fintech Events Happening in Malaysia You Need to Check Out in 2019

This list is now outdated, check out our 2020 list Fintech Events in Malaysia You Should Consider Attending in 2020 Malaysia is a home to a small, but robust fintech community, ranging from startup founders to bankers with a keen

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Upcoming Fintech Events in Malaysia

Fintech has become a hot topic in Malaysia, especially as the sector paves the way forward for innovations in financial services. The government has committed to provide clear guidance and regulation to new, innovative products and business models entering the

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The Most Anticipated Fintech Events in Asia – Second Half of 2016

Fintech News will update you once again about the most anticipated Fintech events in Asia in the second half of 2016. These events vary from Fintech in general, Lending, Digital Finance, Customer Experience, Mobile Payments, or IOT,  which gather top industry

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