Zurich Partners up with Malaysian Startup to Provide Afterlife Planning to Customers

Zurich Partners up with Malaysian Startup to Provide Afterlife Planning to Customers

by January 17, 2019

Zurich Malaysia just partnered up with Malaysian startup Bereev, an online legacy platform aiming to help Malaysians plan for their inevitable death. The team up makes a lot of sense since insurance and afterlife planning definitely go hand-in-hand.

Bereev’s web-based application allows users to plan and store crucial information on various aspects of estate planning—from wills to insurance policies, possessions, outstanding loans and personalised wishes that can be executed after one’s demise in a channel that is designed with security in mind, and all-inclusivity. Bereev works on a freemium model where more functionalities can be unlocked when users sign up for a Plus account to the tune of RM10 a month.

In their partnership, Zurich will provide complimentary Plus accounts to customers who sign up for a new life insurance or family takaful plan with a minimum annual premium/contribution of RM1,800 between 9th of January to 28th of February 2019.

Bereev was launched in early 2018 by founder and CEO Izumi Inoue, and has been gaining a number of private and corporate clients. Beyond just after-death planning, Bereev also allows users to record their wishes concerning elderly care, along with storing important documents like their will and insurance policies in one place to allow surviving family an easier time sorting through the bureaucratic side of one’s death.

Account holders could also record last words and messages to be sent out after their demise. Information about one’s Bereev account can be shared with loved ones, lawyers or financial planners, depending on privacy levels they set themselves.

Featured image via Bereev