kiplePark to Enable Cashless Parking Using Only Your Car Plate Number

kiplePark to Enable Cashless Parking Using Only Your Car Plate Number

by August 29, 2019

kiplePark, a wholly-owned brand of Green Packet Berhad, announced the launch of their license plate recognition (LPR) technology which they to be the first in Malaysia.

The kiplePark LPR is a system where users only need to register their car license plate number using the kiplePark app.

Upon entering the car park, the users will receive a notification and e-Ticket on kiplePark app and while exiting, the kiplePark LPR system will automatically scan the car license plate number and payment will be automatically deducted from the users’ e-wallet.

kiplePark shared that over the past few years its AI enabled system has captured and learnt images of more than 1 million car license plates in Malaysia. They claim that, to-date, it has achieved more than 99% accuracy rate in reading the numbers of the car license plates.

kiplePark LPR is also open for integration with existing parking system, maximizing the ROI of invested parking equipment by the parking operators.

It is developed specifically to serve buildings, property management and parking owners better, kiplePark LPR can be deployed in both indoor and parking facilities.

Edisijuta which is located at Amcorp Mall, is the first parking operator to provide a seamless parking operation and experience to users using kiplePark LPR technology. Presently, kiplePark LPR is undergoing trial and testing stages at other sites in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu.

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

“At kiplePark, we understand drivers’ frustrations, such as looking for machines to pay the tickets, and/or queuing to pay for the ticket. The frustration elevates further when you are rushing to your next appointment and realize that you have run out of notes. Having evaluated the needs of the fast-paced society today and coupled with our strong belief that every human must thrive with life improving digital innovations, kiplePark LPR sets to provide a VIP experience to the users where they can enter and exit the car parks without much hassle,”

said Mike Lee, Chief Operating Officer of Kiplepay Sdn Bhd.

Another interesting feature of kiplePark is that it provides a security feature which allows the users to ‘lock’ their cars from leaving the venue.