Innov8tif’s eKYC Solution Granted Patent to Verify Malaysian IC Microprints

Innov8tif’s eKYC Solution Granted Patent to Verify Malaysian IC Microprints

by June 28, 2021

The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) has granted Innov8tif Solutions a patent for its method of verifying the authenticity of a Malaysian identity document using a computer vision algorithm known as microprint detection technique.

Microprint is a security feature found in Malaysian identity cards (IC), various government issued identity documents around the world, and banknotes.

Microprint detection technique is a key feature in Innov8tif’s EMAS OkayDoc product – part of the company’s EMAS eKYC suite, to effectively determine if an image of identity document was captured from genuine IC or a colour-printed copy.

This is achieved by analysing the quality of microprint extracted from a document image; there are subtle differences between an original pattern versus a copy.

This patented technology has already been successfully commercialised to support online and automated verification of customer’s identity for account registration and product application use cases ranging from telecommunication industry to fintech, insurtech, wealthtech, proptech and lawtech.

According to Tien Soon, Innov8tif’s Chief Operating Officer, most eKYC solutions rely on the hologram detection of the ICs which require a certain lighting condition, he explains that this is why the tilting of IC is required during the digital onboarding process of certain apps. He further adds that microprint detection gives them an edge in the sense of optimising the acceptance.

Innov8tif said that it supported 3.5 million online identity verification transactions in 2020.

Tien-Soon Law, Innov8tif’s Chief Operating Officer

Tien-Soon Law

“Innov8tif has more than ten methods to complete the document authentication process of an identity document. Microprint authentication is one of them, and as we have discovered a unique method to accomplish the automation of this work for ‘physical-document-not-present’ scenario, there was a motivation for us to protect our intellectual property rights through filing of such invention for patent grant application,”

said Tien-Soon Law, Innov8tif’s Chief Operating Officer.




Featured image: Tien-Soon Law, Innov8tif’s Chief Operating Officer