BigPay Revamps App With New Design Powered by Snowdrop

BigPay Revamps App With New Design Powered by Snowdrop

by February 2, 2023

Southeast Asian neobank BigPay has embarked on the first phase of its app enhancements with new design elements and experience powered by Snowdrop Solutions, a London-based Google Maps and Cloud Premier partner.

Each BigPay transaction will display clear merchant names, logos, merchant contact information and be sorted under a categorisation system for different types of expenditure.

This allows BigPay users to better understand information about their card transactions and spending habits at a glance.

Bigpay said that it was able to deploy the new transaction enrichment services in just a few weeks through the use of Snowdrop’s Merchant Reconciliation System API called MRS.

Additionally, BigPay and Snowdrop are looking to add further capabilities powered by location based services that allows users to identify and take action in order to prevent fraud in the next few months.

Salim Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder of BigPay

Salim Dhanani

Salim Dhanani, Co-founder and CEO of BigPay said,

“We are pleased to be partnering with Snowdrop Solutions to improve the way transactions are categorised, which will give greater insights into users’ spending habits.


Our mission to champion for financial well being and education remains at the app design upgrades we are carrying out, starting with improved transaction categorisation powered by Snowdrop.”

Ken Hart

Ken Hart

Ken Hart, CEO and Founder of Snowdrop Solutions said,

“We are extremely pleased to work alongside BigPay. Our work with BigPay underscores our commitment to providing a high level of match rates and accuracy across all of our banking and travel customers.


Snowdrop and BigPay will also work closely to bring additional new capabilities to BigPay’s customer base over time throughout this key region.”