UOB Malaysia Unveils Its Upgraded AI-Powered UOB TMRW App

UOB Malaysia Unveils Its Upgraded AI-Powered UOB TMRW App

by May 24, 2023

UOB Malaysia announced the launch of its refreshed mobile banking app UOB TMRW powered by data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer a more personalised banking experience for its customers.

The existing UOB Malaysia’s mobile banking app that was first launched in 2017, UOB Mighty, will automatically be updated to UOB TMRW from this month onwards for all existing users.

The UOB TMRW app has multidimensional capabilities in investments, payments and rewards.

Through the app, customers can get an overview of their investment portfolios, including information such as mark-to-market values and real-time performances, so they can manage their wealth conveniently on the go.

The app’s Rewards+ feature allows customers to view their reward points and redeem it in real-time for travel miles, products and vouchers listed in the UOB Rewards catalogue or offset the balances on their credit card purchases.

They can also use the redeemed coupons to receive discounts and deals with any participating local and international merchants.

In addition to that, UOB said that it will progressively incorporate a comprehensive suite of self-service features for its cards in UOB TMRW later this year.

Customers will be able to perform card services conveniently through the app, including card activations, temporary credit limit increase, applications for payment instalments, card replacements and balance conversions.

Ronnie Lim

Ronnie Lim

Ronnie Lim, Managing Director and Country Head of Personal Financial Services, UOB Malaysia said,

“At UOB, we are committed to understand and serve the unique needs of each customer and this is achieved through a combination of data and relationship-led insights.


Through UOB TMRW, the bank offers insights and solutions that are closely aligned to customer needs in a manner that engages them and better anticipates their life goals.”