BigPay Redesigns App Ahead of Full-Suite Financial Services Rollout

BigPay Redesigns App Ahead of Full-Suite Financial Services Rollout

by July 26, 2023

BigPay has redesigned its mobile app to provide a seamless and secure user experience through its new and improved interface.

The move is part of BigPay’s aim to introduce a full-suite of financial services and feature enhancements such as savings, wealth and investments on the new interface.

On its redesigned home screen, users can access their recent transaction records as well as card and Stashes balances at a glance.

The app now includes a more detailed analytics and transactions history page, where users can access information like their total account balance, outstanding loan repayments, and an overview of monthly expenses based on categories.

Quick links to key features like the DuitNow QR scanner for quick payments, and international transfers are also featured on the home screen for ease of access and use.

Meanwhile, the refreshed Explore Page displays clearer, more intuitive grouping of features and services, whereas cashback balance, airasia rewards points, exclusive deals, and user referrals can be easily found in the Rewards page.

Having launched a year-long 5% discount for flights as part of its strengthened collaboration with AirAsia, BigPay will soon be integrated on the AirAsia SuperApp in the coming months.