RinggitPay: Redefining Business Payment Operations Through Strategic Partnerships

RinggitPay: Redefining Business Payment Operations Through Strategic Partnerships

by November 21, 2023

RinggitPay, a home-grown payment platform, is on a mission to simplify payments for Malaysian businesses and their customers.

By offering a comprehensive suite of digital payment solutions in collaboration with renowned Malaysian banks and industry-specific ecosystem partners, RinggitPay has processed over RM100 million in transaction volume and successfully onboarded more than 300 merchants.

These achievements underscore the platform’s significant impact in streamlining payments and its increasing influence in the Malaysian business landscape.

RinggitPay’s commitment to providing comprehensive payment ecosystem sprouts from the identification of certain unique challenges encountered by diverse industries in Malaysia when it comes to digitising payment processes.

Each industry has distinct requirements in the end-to-end digitisation of payment operation. Through strategic partnerships with industry-specific ecosystem collaborators and through tailor-made solutions, RinggitPay addresses specific challenges faced by every industry in the process of digitising payment operation.

Payment Ecosystem

This collaboration ecosystem expands across multiple sectors, including edutech, proptech, tourism, insurtech, and debt recovery.

By working closely with these industry experts, RinggitPay offers customised, industry-specific payment solutions for all micro, small, and medium enterprises to digitally equip them for a smooth-sailing business.

The platform’s capability to meet diverse payment needs of businesses across industries in Malaysia makes it a versatile payment platform for merchants to rely on.

RinggitPay’s Banking Partnerships Empower Businesses to Grow

RinggitPay Banking Partnerships Empower Businesses to Grow

One of the principle focuses of RinggitPay is on expanding its partnership ecosystem through strategic collaborations with thriving industry players in respective sectors.

These partnerships are fortified by mutually beneficial revenue-sharing arrangements, fostering a sustainable growth trajectory for both RinggitPay and its partners. RinggitPay also supports merchants to quickly open new current accounts with exclusive offers and provides electronic POS terminals, partnering with banks such as RHB and Hong Leong Bank.

RinggitPay, through its firm partnership with banks, empowers businesses to have successful cashflow and thrive in their respective sectors, while also addressing critical areas like e-invoicing and payment recovery with automated payment reminders.

This comprehensiveness & versatility of RinggitPay along with its commitment to mutual success, keeps the brand at the forefront of driving innovation and efficiency in the realm of digital payments, whilst ensuring the growth and sustainability of its valued partners.

Here are feedback from partners on RinggitPay’s services:

Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee

“RinggitPay is a supporting partner with easy on boarding process and provide excellent after sales support. Issues raised are quickly resolved.


The onboarding process is pretty fast and seamless. We are having a peace of mind that if anything unexpected would happen they will be there to help resolve it,”

said Calvin Lee, Managing Director of iKEY, an EduTech Partner of RinggitPay.

Venkatesvarrao Mallanaidu

Venkatesvarrao Mallanaidu

“As an inbound tourism sector, our business operates globally, RinggitPay can handle international transactions and currency conversions in partnership with RHB which helps us to accept various forms of electronic payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and more.


Offers advantages such as robust security features to protect both our business and our customers’ sensitive data. Additionally, a user-friendly interface and straightforward integration that helps us save time and reduce the learning curve for our team. 
Thank you RinggitPay!”

said Venkatesvarrao Mallanaidu, Chairman, MATTA, Tourism partner of RinggitPay.

Sathesh Kumar

Sathesh Kumar

“Our recent package on virtual operations allows hundreds of residents to connect via apps to manage their complaints, request forms online payment, and so forth. All operations are handled virtually and this is where RinggitPay has benefitted our operations on money transactions.


I have used 2 other payment gateway providers, but RinggitPay API integration is very seamless, and up to what the business owners wants. Support team is very efficient and ready to give support at any time is needed,”

said Sathesh Kumar, Go Digital Asia (PropAsist), leading digital skill training provider, SME digitisation partner of RinggitPay.

Learn more about RinggitPay’s payment features and contact them to explore partnership opportunities here.