Airo Launches in Malaysia for Personalised, Affordable Investing From RM50

Airo Launches in Malaysia for Personalised, Affordable Investing From RM50

by November 29, 2023

Malaysian fintech CP Global Fintech Solutions has launched its digital investment platform Airo with the aim to democratise investing in the country by offering services starting from RM50.

Airo’s platform is designed to simplify investment for beginners while providing advanced options for experienced investors by curating personalised investment strategies.

It employs an algorithm-driven approach to manage and diversify portfolios, adapting to market dynamics and individual user profiles. This method allows for real-time adjustments in investment strategies, aligning with the fluctuating global economic landscape.

In addition, Airo utilises a modified robust risk measurement system to provide round-the-clock risk management capabilities. This conditional-value-at-risk (CVAR) system monitors portfolio risk on a 24/7 basis and helps to manage and hedge any possible downturn going forward, actively protecting the overall portfolios’ risk and returns.

Airo’s proprietary technology is also designed to mitigate damage from severe market corrections by being able to handle cash as a safe haven option, as well as employing hedging instruments such as inverse ETFs.

Additionally, investors’ monies are held securely in a separate custodian account with Pacific Trustees alongside secure AWS servers, 2FA authentication, and biometric-enabled access guaranteeing the highest level of cybersecurity for investors.

This allows investors to maximise potential returns from multiple streams at minimal risk to themselves or their carefully constructed portfolios.

Airo holds a Digital Investment Manager (DIM) license and is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

William Yii

William Yii

“At CP Global Fintech Solutions, we are committed to delivering long-term solutions to help our fellow Malaysians from all walks of life achieve their wealth goals.


To do so, we use a systematic global macro system to harness the flexibility and opportunities that stem from an active investment strategy — all the better to meet the needs of our users directly,”

shares William Yii, Chief Investment Officer, CP Global Fintech Solutions.

To celebrate its launch, the company has introduced the ‘Easy Invest, Easy Reward’ promotion, rewarding clients with an RM 10 Grab Voucher for a minimum deposit of RM300 into any Airo portfolio. This promotion, running from 27 November to 11 December 2023, is available to both new and existing users.