Airo Debuts Shariah-Compliant Investment Portfolios for Malaysian Investors

Airo Debuts Shariah-Compliant Investment Portfolios for Malaysian Investors

by March 19, 2024

Malaysian digital investment platform Airo has introduced a range of new Shariah-compliant investment opportunities to local investors.

The portfolios introduced by Airo are managed using a proprietary strategy similar to the one employed in its conventional investment options, focusing on diversification, dynamic risk management, and alignment with current market trends within the bounds of Shariah compliance.

The available investment instruments include global Shariah-compliant equity and sukuk ETFs, exchange-traded commodities, mutual funds, and direct equity exposures.

Investors are offered a choice between Conservative, Balanced, and Growth Shariah portfolios, catering to varying risk preferences and investment objectives, from stable income generation to maximising capital growth.

Airo has partnered with Tawafuq Consultancy, a Securities Commission Malaysia-registered advisor, to ensure the Shariah compliance of its portfolios.

The platform is offering a promotional incentive for investments made in its Shariah-compliant portfolios between 19 March and 2 April 2024 to celebrate the launch.

“With Airo, investors embark on a journey where financial aspirations meet responsible investing, all within a framework that respects and upholds the principles of Shariah law.


In curating our portfolios, we focus on companies with strong management, prioritizing sustainable growth over short-term gains — some key indicators of this include stability in earnings and a strong balance sheet, coupled with the ability to generate free cash flow, to name a few,”

said Sho Toh Yih Jang, Chief Executive Officer of Airo.