Kapital DX Debuts RM150 Million Tokenised Shariah-Compliant Offering

Kapital DX Debuts RM150 Million Tokenised Shariah-Compliant Offering

by April 2, 2024

Kapital DX Sdn Bhd (KLDX), a multi-asset fundraising and investment platform, has introduced its inaugural product offering – a RM150 million tokenised primary offering of a shariah-compliant fixed income product, in collaboration with Integra Healthcare Technology Sdn Bhd (Integra).

Named the i-INT Programme, this financial instrument features a five-year tenure and offers a profit rate of up to 10% per annum, as reported by The Star,

The first tranche of the i-INT Programme, totaling RM29 million, has already seen complete subscription by institutional investors, and a subsequent tranche is presently available for subscription.

KLDX utilises blockchain technology with the aim to democratise access to investments by facilitating fractional ownership of various assets. This approach is intended to streamline fundraising efforts for businesses and broaden investment opportunities for individuals, especially in high-yield private market assets.

Selvarany Rasiah

Selvarany Rasiah

Selvarany Rasiah, KLDX’s CEO and founder, mentioned the platform’s focus on supporting projects that have a significant impact on the community and contribute to economic growth.

Through its efforts, KLDX aims to cultivate an ecosystem that supports business development and offers investors diverse investment opportunities.

Integra plans to use the funds raised through the i-INT Programme to establish four new rehabilitation centers, aiming to improve healthcare services, particularly in specialist rehabilitation.

In April last year, KLDX launched the first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia in a bid to open up new investment opportunities for investors in private markets.


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