Seedflex Expands Footprint to Malaysia With Seed Funding From 500 Global

Seedflex Expands Footprint to Malaysia With Seed Funding From 500 Global

by April 18, 2024

Singapore-based fintech Seedflex Technologies has launched a new digital financing solution, “Pay-As-You-Sell Advance” (PAYS Advance), in Malaysia, with plans to expand across Southeast Asia.

The initiative, supported by seed funding from venture capital firm 500 Global, targets micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) by providing a shariah-compliant line of credit.

The new credit facility, PAYS Advance, provides a frictionless line of credit for cashless merchants, allowing them to borrow up to 10 weeks of sales revenue in advance.

Merchants can repay the credit through a portion of future sales, benefiting from a transparent, flat fee structure with no late fees, interest, or hidden costs.

Seedflex’s platform is open and flexible, designed to integrate with multiple e-commerce platforms. This approach addresses a common limitation where individual e-commerce platforms have access only to their own data ecosystems, providing a partial view of a merchant’s activity.

Seedflex aims to serve the full credit needs of all merchants by leveraging broader data integration.

This launch is part of Seedflex’s strategy to bridge the credit gap for over 7 million cashless commerce MSMEs in Southeast Asia—a number expected to double by 2028 as more businesses shift online.

The company plans to expand this service to other Malaysian merchants and to new markets, including Indonesia and Thailand, by 2025.

Ritwik Ghosh

Ritwik Ghosh

Ritwik Ghosh, Co-Founder & CEO of Seedflex said,

“Despite advances in fintech, the fundamentals of credit underwriting and collection have sadly not changed. Underwriting is primarily based on static and historical data while collection is rooted in fixed and pre-agreed spiky installments.


Our aim is to change the game and redefine credit for cashless commerce by providing a new, fair and transparent way for merchants to access financing that can help them scale and grow.”

Sauvik Datta

Sauvik Datta

Sauvik Datta, Co-Founder & COO of Seedflex said,

“Our mission is to help address the widening digital credit gap that exists in global emerging markets today.


We believe every merchant deserves a fair chance to succeed regardless of their size, and with the right access to credit, we can improve their odds of success.”