Maybank Customers Can Now Use Google Wallet

Maybank Customers Can Now Use Google Wallet

by May 9, 2024

Maybank has expanded its mobile payment options by integrating with Google Wallet, allowing customers to add both Visa and Mastercard-branded credit and debit cards to their Google Pay accounts on Android devices.

This integration facilitates contactless payments, enhancing the convenience for users making online and in-store purchases.

Through Google Wallet, Maybank cardholders can manage their payments seamlessly across various devices and platforms, including Chrome and Android, benefiting from a contactless system that supports faster checkout processes.

Importantly, customers will continue to receive all existing rewards and benefits associated with their Maybank cards, ensuring no loss of points or miles accrued through their spending.

Google Pay enhances security by using a device token instead of the actual card number during transactions, a method designed to safeguard user data.

For new users, it is recommended to install the MAE app and register for Secure2u to ensure security before adding cards to Google Wallet. A 12-hour cooling-off period is required for all new Secure2u activations.

Maybank assures that its cards will function internationally in any location where contactless payments are accepted, provided that the overseas debit settings are enabled via the M2U app or at an ATM.

Setting up is straightforward: users need to open the Google Wallet app, add their payment card, and set their Maybank card as the default for transactions.

Similarly, the MAE app allows cardholders to add cards to Google Pay following a simple, step-by-step process that includes authorisation through Secure2u.

Google Pay is available at millions of merchants worldwide, and for added security, any transactions exceeding RM250 require PIN verification, akin to other Maybank credit card transactions.