Fintech Events in Malaysia

Fintech Events in Malaysia

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    Reimagining Customer Experience of FinTech

    Reimagining Customer Experience of FinTechCustomers expect seamless, intuitive, and personalized interactions when it comes to managing their money. It’s the overall exchange that counts, and that exchange needs to work for all players involved—customers and service providers—across every channel and step of the journey. 

    Financial services companies of all kinds are using programmable communications to build outstanding customer journeys that drive loyalty and customers experiences

    Due to COVID-19, people are spending more time online to have the services.

    Joining Vonage on how they accelerate your business and protect both companies and customers

    • Programmable digital communications optimize the customers experiences along the whole journey 
    • SMS, Voice, Video, Social Media – Multi-channel touch points with your customers
    • Anti-fraud of the fake users to protect FinTech companies and reduce the operation cost
    • 2FA(2-Factor-Authentication) secures every customer’s transaction and make your companies trusted


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