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BNM Approves UOB’s Acquisition of Citi’s Consumer Banking Business in Malaysia

UOB Malaysia and Citi Malaysia have received regulatory approval from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) for UOB’s acquisition of Citi’s consumer banking business in the country. Following the approval, both sides will apply for a vesting order from the High Court

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DuitNow Now Available to 17 More Banks

An additional 17 banks and non-banks will soon launch the DuitNow service as well. Customers wishing to receive DuitNow fund transfers using their mobile number need only perform a simple one-time registration to link their mobile number with their account

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State of Open Banking in ASEAN

Behind the futuristic glass walls of the Marina Sand Bay convention center, Money2020 celebrated its first Asian edition in Singapore. The acclaimed fintech conference series welcomed over 4000 participants who gathered to hear news about the latest fintech innovation in

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