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iPay88: Malaysia’s Cashless Ambition On Track

Malaysia shows significant growth in cashless transactions Mobile payments are the most dominant method Online banking is a preferred method over cards in the eCommerce space   Malaysian-based iPay88, a provider of online payment service solutions in ASEAN shared its

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WeChat Pay Vs Alipay: Here’s Why Alipay Will Be a Clear Winner in Malaysia

Geopolitical pressures to out-compete the Americans have driven China to exert its influence in South East Asia. Chief among the beneficiary of this exercise is Malaysia. While many of these government to government initiatives are largely focused on infrastructure projects,

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Malaysian Fintech Firm Soft Space Launches My FamiPay in Taiwan

Partnering with Cathay United Bank (CUB), Soft Space introduces an innovative way to make payments that is set to empower FamilyMart Taiwan called “My FamiPay”. The application integrates and binds debit/prepaid/credit cards and other various stored value cards for in-store

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