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Ooi Hann Liew’s Tale of Reinvention in the Startup World

Embarking on a second startup journey can be a thrilling yet daunting experience, especially after the roller-coaster ride of founding the first venture. This sentiment was profoundly echoed by Ooi Hann Liew, a seasoned fintech entrepreneur, during his speech at

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Who Were the Big Winners of the 2023 Fintech Frontiers Awards Malaysia?

The Malaysian fintech community gathered yesterday and celebrated its achievements at the inaugural, 2023 edition of the Fintech Frontiers Awards, orchestrated by Fintech News Malaysia. The event not only acknowledged the dedication and strides made by key players of the

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Meet the Finalists of the Fintech Frontiers Awards Malaysia 2023

Fintech News Malaysia has announced the finalists for the inaugural Fintech Frontiers Awards Malaysia, with top leaders and startups competing for recognition in 11 categories. The awards are divided into two categories: overall and vertical. The overall categories recognize the

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