Boost E-Wallet’s CEO Chris Tiffin Steps Down

Boost E-Wallet’s CEO Chris Tiffin Steps Down

by February 11, 2019

Last Friday, Boost’s CEO Chris Tiffin announced the end of his tenure as Boost Malaysia’s CEO. He has held that position for a little over two years now, as well as serving as Axiata’s Regional Head of Digital Financial Services.

Chris has yet to reveal what his next move is, but his varied employment history seems to indicate that Chris may spread his wings to another region altogether.

Axiata has yet to announce Chris’ replacement as well.

Throughout Chris’ two-year tenure, the Boost e-wallet app has reportedly gained 3.5 million customers and 60,000 merchant touch points. One could arguably call Boost one of the better-performing e-wallets in Malaysia too, which many would attribute to the platform’s shake for cashback feature.

According to a post by Chris, this was one of Boost’s measures to make the app stand out.

Christopher Tiffin

“This is where gamification comes in, to introduce the element of fun and loyalty,” he said.

“We changed up the traditional loyalty process with Boost, by leveraging on phone gestures and movements, as well as the trend of customer behaviours favouring instant gratification, to be our key differentiator. Thus, the Shake Rewards were born. With this feature, we managed to weave in the fun factor, thereby boosting a mundane task.”