Bank Islam Announces Two Fintech Partnerships

Bank Islam Announces Two Fintech Partnerships

by July 19, 2019

Bank Islam announced partnership with two fintechs as part of its drive for digital transformation. The partnerships are namely with BerryPay and KiplePay, the e-wallet focused subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad.

In said partnership BerryPay will help Bank Islam tap into the undeserved segment of foreign workers by providing them mobile remittance services.

Whereas KiplePay will enable Bank Islam to introduce a new payment channel using QR codes, the partnership seems to be targeted towards universities and enabling payments within the e-commerce industry.

KiplePay has been largely silent in the e-wallet competition recently compared to its more aggressive counterpart, with the return of its founder CC Puan to the GreenPacket group, it is possible that we might be seeing a renewed push for KiplePay.


Image Credit: Penang Travel Tips