AlixCo P2P Financing Launches Business Financing for Malaysian Womenpreneur

AlixCo P2P Financing Launches Business Financing for Malaysian Womenpreneur

by October 4, 2019

While women entrepreneurship is on the rise, it is not without its struggles, women-led startups are still not getting funded as much as their male counterparts.

Cognizant of that fact, AlixCo P2P Financing announced the launch of a P2P financing program specifically targetted at helping women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Angelld Quah AlixCO

“Women entrepreneurs are more cautious and reserved when it comes to spending, investing and running business by nature. Often times, they possessed good borrower’s ethnic like pay on time and some even make advance repayment.” Angelld, COO, AlixCO P2P Financing, added.

Angelld further shared that, so far the default rate for women borrowers is zero.


To date, AlixCo has helped Malaysia entrepreneurs raise a total of RM 30 Million and in that process, they have empowered 50 women entrepreneur to further develop business through their P2P financing platform.

While financing is a core part of growing a business it is not the only piece of the puzzle, which is why AlixCo P2P financing will also be launching the Womenpreneur Movement to further help women entrepreneurs blossom.

The Womenprenuer Movement will provide support in the form of networks, client referrals, and mentorship. The community is supported but numerous successful women entrepreneurs around the world.

To apply for the program, there are some requirements as follows.

  • Women-run company in any industry
  • Must be a registered Malaysian company ( sole proprietary, partnership or private limited)
  • Age above 21
  • Without negative financial or credit history record like a bankruptcy
  • In healthy and proper business