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AlixCo P2P Financing Launches Business Financing for Malaysian Womenpreneur

While women entrepreneurship is on the rise, it is not without its struggles, women-led startups are still not getting funded as much as their male counterparts. Cognizant of that fact, AlixCo P2P Financing announced the launch of a P2P financing

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E-Wallet CEOs to Discuss the Future of Fintech at The Selangor Smart City Convention

Southeast Asia’s Premier Smart City and Digital Economy Convention is back for the fourth time as part of the overarching events of the Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS). The theme for this year’s 4th Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy

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Max Money’s Revolutionary new Service will Change Remittance as we know it

Max Money has launched its  MaxTerminal service which allows customers to remit money abroad using only their debit cards at selected retail outlets.This makes MaxMoney the first money service business provider in Malaysia to introduce a hybrid Online to Offline

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