Huawei Ascends Technology in an Intelligent Era: Winning with an Ecosystem

Huawei Ascends Technology in an Intelligent Era: Winning with an Ecosystem

by June 17, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a catch phrase, but is slowly becoming a new type of general computing technology. Inevitable it is one of the key drivers of technological innovation and thus social and economic revolution. Huawei never stops investing in AI research and development of such capacities to support ground-breaking cooperation among 5G, cloud, edge, and devices, reshaping various industries, such as financial services, transportation, power supply, manufacturing and more.

Such technologies usually require collaboration to obtain fruitful results. For that, Huawei has been spending a whole lot of efforts in building an ecosystem which include academia, industries and relevant communities to AI development, which advances both technology and those sectors together. With an open approach, opening up hardware, making software open-source and pursuing shared success with our partners.

Collaboration is Fundamental of Technological Success

In fact, Huawei applies its Ascend series AI processors to run the Atlas AI Computing Platform, allowing all-scenario AI infrastructure solutions for device-edge-cloud set-ups.

Huawei Asia Pacific Partner Ascend Program would be one of the gateways for AI talents and companies to come to us, learn to adopt and then proliferate the use of Ascend AI products.

It will also be one of the channels where support will be given to R&D projects and to Institutes of higher learning for talent development.

Programmes Cover Wider Range of Aspects

The programme covers four key areas, namely AI development, support, knowledge transfer, and go-to-market, and strategic resources. The visionary goal which comes with three segments:

1. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) AI Collaboration Programme

Under this sub-programme, ISVs, innovators and entrepreneurs can access through the online portal. A three-tier partnership system categorize partners as “Members”, “Certified”, or “Preferred” with relevant benefits for each tier. Such benefits include NREs (Non-Recurring Engineering funding), cloud resource vouchers, knowledge transfers via Ascend AI Community, exam-vouchers for HCIA-AI (Huawei’s specialized AI Certification), Go-to-Market support as well as other strategic resources.

2. Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) AI Talent Cultivation Programme

Huawei will provide support according to the following three tiers, from ”Course Collaboration”, “Technology Innovation” to “Business Ventures”. It aims to help IHLs to build AI disciplines, cultivate AI talents, improve academic and scientific research in the AI field based on the Huawei full-stack Atlas AI technological capabilities.

“In the new AI era, a strategic partnership between National University of Singapore and Huawei in research and talent development will make great impact to society,”

said Huang Zhiyong, Deputy Director of the university’s Business Analytics Centre.

3. Government AI Industry Development Programme

Huawei will provide technical support in enhancing the country’s AI innovation facilities using the Ascend technology. Huawei will also share experience in terms of industrial best practices and assist the government in various policy matters, including setting of the National AI Industrial Standards.

“Indonesia National AI strategy empowered by BPPT, is the most important milestone toward Innovation-driven nation, the golden vision of Indonesia 2045. It is inevitable, ubiquitous AI will drive our nation journey to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.”

said Dr Ir. Hammam Riza, M.Sc, Head of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT).

With these innovative strategies, Huawei is building the Ascend AI Ecosystem with shared success. Currently, the company is assisting firms in each and every Asia Pacific countries in achieving a series of goals in a structured, systemised programme, such as:

  • Adoption and Use of Ascend AI products
  • Proliferation of ISVs & Start-ups Ecosystem
  • Support of local R&D and talent development
  • Proficiency in the knowledge and skills of programming and testing Ascend AI products
  • Growth of the AI Ecosystem in different industry domain of AI technology

APAC Partners Enjoying Benefits with AI

The APAC region is now enjoying tremendous business opportunities via the programmes and the ecosystem. AI development in regions, demographic dividend and supportive policy of various countries have created marketplace opportunity for AI computing.

“When it comes to AI ecosystem-based collaboration, Huawei has always focused on infrastructure. We work with the academic community and industries to promote AI development, which advances both technology and industries as a whole. Ultimately, we hope to bridge the divide, and achieve shared success as soon as possible,”

said Daniel Zhou, President of Huawei Cloud & AI Business Group, Asia Pacific Region.

“By leveraging our collaborative Connectivity + Computing + Cloud synergy, we are able to provide an intelligent, automated, information-driven platform for partners’ content, applications, and algorithms.”

“Together, we will build a thriving ecosystem and usher in a fully connected, intelligent world,”

he noted.

Ultimately, Huawei is building a fully connected, intelligent world; and the Asia Pacific Ascend Partner Programme is a cornerstone for this purpose.

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