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Why Wi-Fi 6 Could Be Crucial to Banks in a Post-Pandemic World

As COVID-19 accelerates digital transformation across the globe, the financial services industry is finding it increasingly crucial to rapidly roll out digital innovations. In achieving these goals, organisations require high-bandwidth, stable, reliable, and seamless wireless networks. One such technology that

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Huawei Ascends Technology in an Intelligent Era: Winning with an Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a catch phrase, but is slowly becoming a new type of general computing technology. Inevitable it is one of the key drivers of technological innovation and thus social and economic revolution. Huawei never

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Huawei: To Fend Off Disruption Banks Need to Build Their Own Super App

Huawei held its Global FSI Summit this week which featured financial institutions and enterprises sharing their experience in dealing with the “new normal’ in the post-pandemic era. The list of presenters included senior representatives from organizations like DBS Bank, Sberbank,

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