MACROKIOSK and Silverlake Collaborate to Tap into Virtual Banking Opportunities in Asia Pacific

MACROKIOSK and Silverlake Collaborate to Tap into Virtual Banking Opportunities in Asia Pacific

by June 18, 2020

MACROKIOSK today announced that it will be collaborating with Silverlake to support virtual banks in Asia Pacific. In this partnership, both parties will join hands in researching and developing new products that will meet the needs of these digital banks.

They will also be jointly pitching for projects with virtual banking players across Asia Pacific and cross-selling each other’s products. The virtual banking space is ripe with opportunities with regulators across markets like Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia facilitating the introduction of these new breed of banks through new regulation.

In Malaysia alone, we’ve seen companies like Axiata Group and Sunway Group vying for a piece of the action as they announce their interest to bid for the license.

MACROKIOSK describes itself as a digitalisation-as-a-service company, with solutions in the communications, authentication and payments space.

Dato' Henry Goh

Dato’ Henry Goh

“MACROKIOSK powers over 40 financial institutions in 14 countries across Asia Pacific. Our BOLD. solutions are future-ready to meet the demands of virtual banks and together with Silverlake, we are confident we will provide meaningful access, efficiency and convenience for digital banking consumers,”

says Dato’ Henry Goh, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, MACROKIOSK Group.

Meanwhile Silverlake is best known by the industry for its core banking solutions and was the source of wealth for Goh Peng Ooi who is currently listed as Malaysia’s 29th richest person by Forbes.

Joseph Yeong

Joseph Yeong

“Our focus is to drive innovation in financial institutions in Asia Pacific countries through various digital financial services,”

says Mr. Joseph Yeong, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Silverlake Mobility Ecosystem.