Ascertain Revamps RinggitPay With New Look and Enhanced Features

Ascertain Revamps RinggitPay With New Look and Enhanced Features

by August 11, 2023

Malaysian fintech Ascertain Technologies has recently unveiled a revamped look for its flagship payment solution RinggitPay now with enhanced features as well.

The rebranding and enhancement of RinggitPay aligns with Ascertain Technologies’ aim to streamline payment processes, ease administrative burdens, and optimise operational efficiency for businesses across diverse industries in Malaysia.

A walk through RinggitPay’s new enhanced features

RinggitPay’s array of enhanced features is purposefully designed to provide a seamless and efficient payment administration solution for businesses.

This includes automated payment reminders ensure that payers never miss a due date, reducing the likelihood of late payments while  liberating merchants from relying on customers to initiate payments.

A glimpse of RinggitPay

By incorporating simplified payment collection techniques through messaging channels like email and WhatsApp, the platform eliminates the hassle of payers needing to install separate apps for various payments, such as school tuition fees, property maintenance charges, insurance premiums or utility charges.

Additionally, the platform also allows for effortless auto-debit of payment from current accounts and savings accounts or credit cards, providing a frictionless payment experience for customers.

RinggitPay is also offering direct debit through digital consents from payers. It facilitates payments through multiple channels, including online banking via FPX & DuitNow Online Banking/Wallets which is currently in-testing, domestic and international cards, as well as popular e-wallets like GrabPay, Touch n’ Go, Boost, and more.

With its diverse payment options, RinggitPay seeks to ensure a smooth and hassle-free payment experience for businesses and customers alike.

Rathnavel Anandhakumar

Rathnavel Anandhakumar

Rathnavel Anandhakumar, Founder & Group CEO of Ascertain, RinggitPay, Finforz said,

“We identified the pain points faced by businesses in payment collection, and we were determined to provide them with a solution that surpasses traditional method.

We work to ascertain the payments for businesses in Malaysia, and we are excited to continue on this journey, empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed.”

Vidhya Sagar

Vidhya Sagar

Vidhya Sagar, CTO and Product Head of RinggitPay said,

“It is a common argument that payment gateways are the same, merely serving to collect payments from customers. However, this perspective holds true only from the customers’ point of view. From the standpoint of business owners, their requirements can vary significantly based on their operational processes and the nature of their business.

RinggitPay aims to empower businesses to automate payment collection, boost operational efficiency and significantly reduce late payments. Our seamless and convenient payment experience enhances customer satisfaction and fosters customer loyalty.”

Businesses can leverage RinggitPay to optimise payments without added friction

Source: Freepik

The digitisation of payments for businesses goes beyond just offering online payment options. Many businesses often make the mistake of providing scattered payment methods to their customers, which can create complications.

Instead of streamlining the process, this approach adds pain to the business operations, particularly when it comes to reconciling various payments and managing payment delays.

A more cohesive and integrated approach to digitising payments is essential for businesses to optimise their financial processes and to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience for both themselves and their valued customers.

It should eliminate the need for customers to remember all due dates and diligently make payments. Instead, the system should take the responsibility of promptly reminding customers about upcoming payments, effectively eliminating the dependency on customers to remember and initiate the payment process.

This proactive approach not only reduces the chances of late payments but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, as they can rely on the system to handle payment management efficiently.

Inspiration behind RinggitPay’s new look

RinggitPay makeover was designed to empower businesses with automation of payment collection. Its worth taking a step back to see how this rebranding first took place.

In the creative brainstorming session for the brand revamp, the team conceived the idea of designing a unique currency symbol.

Combining the alphabets R and M to represent “Ringgit Malaysia” and R & P for the brand “RinggitPay,” they crafted a distinctive logo.

RinggitPay Logo Inspiration

The result is a visually appealing symbol that embodies the connection between the Malaysian currency and the innovative payment platform.

Ascertain said that the new logo reflects the teams’ commitment to bridging the gap between tradition and modernity while symbolising its mission to revolutionise the payment landscape in Malaysia with a touch of creativity.

For more information on RinggitPay, visit the official website here