Touch ‘n Go eWallet Offers Soundbox to Help Merchants Fight Scams From RM10/Month

Touch ‘n Go eWallet Offers Soundbox to Help Merchants Fight Scams From RM10/Month

by February 6, 2024

TNG Digital has launched a new Soundbox device aimed at protecting merchants from payment scams through the Touch ‘n Go eWallet platform.

The Soundbox device is available to merchants in two subscription models: a basic version for RM10 per month and an enhanced version with a SIM card for RM18 per month.

It offers a straightforward solution for transaction management by providing instant voice notifications of incoming payments in three languages.

The device announces the transaction amount aloud, allowing merchants to focus on customer service without the constant need to verify payments manually.

This feature is particularly useful during peak business hours, eliminating the need for merchants to check their devices for transaction confirmations or to ask customers to show payment receipts.

Merchants interested in subscribing to the Soundbox can do so directly through the Merchant Dashboard on the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app. A one-time setup fee of RM60 is required to initiate the monthly subscription.

More information about Touch ‘n Go eWallet Soundbox Subscription can be found here.

Alan Ni

Alan Ni

Alan Ni, Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital, said,

“As we serve over 1 million merchants nationwide, our goal is to provide them with products and services that enhance their business operations. In addition to ensuring the convenience of eWallet payments, we prioritise transaction security to protect our merchants from fraudulent activities.


With the recent increase in fraudulent payment incidents affecting SME merchants, we strongly encourage our merchants to acquire a Soundbox. With an affordable monthly subscription price, this small, compact, and portable tool will help them run their businesses with peace of mind.”


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik