Maybank Halts RM6.4 Million in Potential Scams Through Branch Efforts in 2023

Maybank Halts RM6.4 Million in Potential Scams Through Branch Efforts in 2023

by April 3, 2024

Maybank successfully prevented financial losses amounting to RM6.4 million for its customers in 2023, targeting scams executed via its branch channels.

The bank has issued a reminder urging customers to remain vigilant against scam attempts. This includes being wary of unsolicited communications from individuals claiming to represent authorities or financial institutions, refraining from sharing banking details over the phone, and avoiding unauthorised money transfers.

Maybank’s efforts to combat financial scams extends beyond customer advisories, encompassing a range of counter fraud education and awareness programmes. These initiatives are designed to empower both customers and bank employees with the knowledge to detect and respond to potential scams effectively.

Highlighting the effectiveness of these measures, an incident involving a Maybank employee in Kampung Baru branch and a customer named Fatimah, demonstrates the bank’s proactive stance in scam prevention.

Fatimah, who was targeted by scammers posing as law enforcement officers, was on the verge of losing RM150,000. Thanks to the timely intervention of Siti, the Assistant Branch Manager, the scam was foiled, and Fatimah’s funds were secured.

Maybank continues to stress the importance of vigilance and education in protecting against scams. Customers and the public are encouraged to stay informed on the latest scam tactics by visiting its security tips webpage and the Anti-Scam National Resource Centre.

In cases where individuals suspect they may be victims of a scam, Maybank urges immediate contact with the National Scam Resource Centre or the bank’s dedicated Fraud hotline at 03-5891 4744 for support and assistance.


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik