Ant International to Create Over 500 Jobs with New Malaysian Center

Ant International to Create Over 500 Jobs with New Malaysian Center

by April 22, 2024

Ant International, a digital payment and financial technology provider, announced plans to open a new Digital Business Centre in Malaysia by 2025.

The facility, which will be located in The Exchange 106 at the Tun Razak Exchange financial and business hub, aims to generate more than 500 job opportunities within its first year.

The majority of the new positions will be in technology-focused roles, particularly within the Technology and Development department. The roles will also extend to the product and design team, as well as the data science and risk control team.

The company plans to invest in the development of local tech talent through comprehensive training, mentorship, and exposure to its global operations.

Ant International, part of Ant Group and originally known for its Alipay service, has been a major player in the global digital payments landscape.

The company’s services include facilitating cross-border mobile payments, merchant payment solutions in Asia, and providing digital financial services for SMEs through its WorldFirst and ANEXT Bank platforms.

Since establishing its presence in Malaysia in 2014, Ant International has collaborated with local partners to foster a robust fintech ecosystem.

Initiatives have included partnerships with TNG Digital and participation in community programmes aimed at boosting local digital capabilities and supporting SMEs in their digital transformation efforts.

Douglas Feagin

Douglas Feagin

“We’re excited to begin the next chapter of our journey in Malaysia, having contributed to the local fintech industry over the last 10 years, and now look towards the future, one that is more global, more connected, more inclusive and with more exciting ways of doing business.


Tech and innovation are at the heart of Ant International, and with the Malaysian government promoting tech skills development and positioning Malaysia as an innovation hub, we believe that together with partners like MDEC, we can harness local tech talents to significantly accelerate the impact that our businesses can make, locally and around the world,”

said Feagin.