Bjak Not Approved for Road Tax Renewals, Seeks to Address JPJ Concerns

Bjak Not Approved for Road Tax Renewals, Seeks to Address JPJ Concerns

by May 7, 2024

The Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) has clarified that Bjak, a local insurance platform, is not authorised to provide road tax renewal services.

JPJ issued a statement on Monday (6 May 2024), refuting claims by Bjak that it had been “audited, verified and approved” to offer such services. According to JPJ, these assertions are inaccurate and could mislead the public.

The department stressed that the operations regarding road tax renewal are conducted without the approval of JPJ or the Ministry of Transport (MOT), and that no additional charges imposed by Bjak have been approved.

It also noted that it has received complaints regarding the road tax renewals facilitated by Bjak, particularly issues with updating the validity period or expiration dates of road tax.

JPJ stated that there is no integration between its MySikap system and the systems used by Bjak, emphasising that the additional charges for these services have also not been sanctioned.

The department encouraged vehicle owners to renew their road tax directly through official channels such as JPJ counters, kiosks, the MyJPJ app, the JPJ portal, and partner platforms including Pos Malaysia, MyEG, and Puspakom.

JPJ advised the public to be vigilant about any platform offering unapproved road tax renewal services to avoid potential fraud or losses, recommending that they refer to or contact JPJ directly for further information.

In response to the JPJ’s statements, Bjak acknowledged the issues and stated that it is actively working with the authority to improve the service experience for vehicle owners in Malaysia.

Bjak reiterated in its latest statement that while it offers road tax renewal as a free optional service to its customers, its primary focus remains on auto insurance comparison and renewal.

The firm shared that unlike other platforms that typically charge fees ranging from RM3.00 to RM11.00 for renewal services, Bjak has made this optional service complimentary for all customers, passing on any charges to official JPJ providers.

Bjak said,

“It’s important to note that BJAK’s free road tax campaign is part of a private initiative aimed at enhancing customer value and is not affiliated with any governmental mandate.”


Featured image credit: Edited from Freepik