TOPPAN IDGATE Boosts Trust With Digital Identity Solutions for Banks

Effective digital identity solutions for banks are essential to prevent fraud and spoofing. This becomes intertwined with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and behavior analysis in recent times. As we navigate this evolving landscape, staying up to date with trends becomes important. The

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TOPPAN IDGATE Deploys Facial Recognition Tech on Kiosks for Digital Onboarding

It can be difficult for financial institutions to rely exclusively on physical branches for comprehensive service for certain markets, particularly those spanning large territories. In such cases, Modular Service Kiosks are the perfect alternative, extending financial and payment services to

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TOPPAN IDGATE Offers Highly Secure Authentication for Digital Banking

Digital technology is increasingly transforming financial services. In the era of mobile devices, digital services through mobile apps have become part of our daily lives. The question now is whether one can trust the system to manage their assets and

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