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How Can Financial Institutions Put a Stop to Account Takeover Attacks

Financial Institutions (FI’s) can detect and prevent account takeover attacks using continuous monitoring and adaptive multi-factor authentication. Account takeover (ATO) fraud is one of the top causes of fraud losses for banks and financial institutions. An account takeover occurs when

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Stronger Mobile Application Security Is the Key to Revenue Growth

Financial institutions have been moving towards expanding digitisation for years, offering remote banking services, and prioritising the customer experience in digital platforms. In 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated this shift. With less access to bank branches, the

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Banks Need to Step Up as Fraudsters Target Surge in Digital Adoption by First Time Users

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations and individuals to embrace new practices and move to online channels, bringing with it a significant increase in fraudulent activities. Affirming this situation, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky recorded a 20% increase in the share of account takeover

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