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SFA Initiative ‘Project Tapir’ Connects Singaporean Fintechs with Malaysian VCs

The Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) has initiated Project Tapir, a collaborative effort with Malaysian venture capital firms Artem Ventures and OSK Ventures International Berhad (OSKVI).  The partnership seeks to support Singaporean fintech companies in their expansion into Malaysia. The aim

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Singaporean Fintech Launches Operations in Malaysia Following Investment from OSK

TurnKey Lender, a lending and loan origination company announces the opening of a new office Kuala Lumpur. Its main goal will be to physically represent TurnKey Lender and support the company’s operations in Asia. Fueled by funding from Malaysia-based OSK

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14 Key Fintech Investors in Malaysia You Should Know About

With a regulator that has been described as open to innovation and disruption, a maturing tech scene,  a mobile-friendly population, and a financial scene rife with incumbent and outdated technology, there is definitely a lot of potential in this region

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