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Fintech Report 2022: Malaysia Charts a New Path for Fintech Growth

In Malaysia, regulators and policymakers are actively supporting the fintech industry by establishing a conducive regulatory environment, and through public–private partnerships. This past year has seen Malaysia unveiling a number of regulatory developments and initiatives, paving the way for greater

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Bank Negara Malaysia Lays Out Its Vision for Digital Banks As Deadline Looms

On 31st December 2020, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) unveiled its digital banking guidelines which almost immediately garnered interest from 40 parties. In this new guideline, the central bank will be issuing up to 5 digital bank licenses in 2022, with

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Industry Stakeholders Team Up To Boost Malaysia’s Fintech Sector

A new association has been formed earlier this month in Malaysia to represent the fintech scene and push the country into becoming a leading hub. This followed a set of initiatives that have been launched in Malaysia in recent months

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