CIMB Bank Works with 2 Singaporean Fintech Firms To Enhance Their AI App

CIMB Bank Works with 2 Singaporean Fintech Firms To Enhance Their AI App

by February 20, 2018

CIMB Bank Berhad has added new features to its mobile application, the CIMB Enhanced Virtual Assistant (EVA), to bring further personalised, convenience and improved experience to its customers. Launched in December 2016, CIMB EVA has delivered in enabling account overviews and transactions through chat or quick keyword access.

EVA was recently enhanced to include Spend Analyser and natural language conversational capabilities. These features are made available through collaboration with Singaporean fintech companies like MoneyThor and Active.Ai.

With CIMB EVA’s Spend Analyser which was done in collaboration with MoneyThor, customers can manage their accounts better and make smarter financial decisions via single-tap spending insights for, among others, utilities, petrol, entertainment, dining and travel made on their CIMB debit, credit and prepaid cards.

CIMB EVA’s chat capabilities have also been enhanced – its natural language processing’s ability is now able to handle a wider range of chat-based transactions, enabling customers to chat with EVA based on words in a natural conversation. This instinctive natural language messaging is EVA’s key differentiator and represents the future of customers’ banking interactions this was made possible by their collaboration with Active.Ai

CIMB EVA - Samir Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Banking CIMB Bank

Samir Gupta, CEO, Consumer Banking CIMB Bank

Samir Gupta, CEO, Group Consumer Banking, CIMB Group said, “Customer convenience is our top priority and the success of our award-winning CIMB EVA is a testament to CIMB’s commitment to improve customer experience via various banking platforms, including mobile. These latest improvements to EVA are part of CIMB’s digital strategy to combine advanced FinTech solutions with our strong in-house data analytics capabilities and customer base to deliver the best banking experience to our customers.”



These collaborations will introduce more enhancements in the future, including real-time data insights to enable highly-relevant, on-site smart promotions to be offered to customers, as well as personalised and customised financial advice based on their banking portfolio and spending patterns.