Luno Announces Partnership With Shopee

Luno Announces Partnership With Shopee

by January 28, 2020

Luno and Shopee announced a new partnership today signaling the first such collaboration between an e-commerce player and a crypto platform in Malaysia. As a result of this collaboration, Malaysians now have access to deals, discounts, and vouchers on Shopee which they can purchase and convert into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum on the Securities Commission-regulated crypto exchange platform, Luno.

“Being a regulated exchange allows us to explore new ways of expanding access to crypto for users in Malaysia. An innovative approach is to leverage the breadth and depth of e-commerce players like Shopee. We expect this effort to drive massive awareness and adoption, making it easy for users on Shopee to access crypto and begin their investment journey. We certainly look forward to working closely with Shopee on further groundbreaking projects,”

said Aaron Tang, Country Manager of Luno Malaysia.

The London-based company intends to leverage Shopee’s large user base to create awareness and attract new customers by offering a RM 15 Bitcoin voucher at only RM 1. That, along with other attractive vouchers available on Luno’s official store on Shopee, is a decisive step to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

“One of the key reasons why we, the leading e-commerce platform in Malaysia, are able to stay ahead is because we strive to make our product assortment as wide and accessible to all. In 2019, Shopee enabled the purchase of properties, cars, F&B deals and more on our platform. In January 2020, we are now giving our users the opportunity to try their hands at cryptocurrency through this collaboration with Luno,”

said Kenneth Soh, Head of Shopee Mall, Shopee Malaysia.