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Caltex Now Offers ShopeePay as a Contactless Payment Option

Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the brand Caltex, announced its partnership with Shopee to enable contactless payments via the e-commerce platform’s mobile wallet, ShopeePay at more than 420 Caltex service stations nationwide. This partnership will allow customers to transact using

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DuitNow to Enable ShopeePay Users to Transfer Funds to Banks and Other E-Wallets

Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) and Shopee announced a collaboration that will make ShopeePay the first eWallet of an e-commerce platform to join the DuitNow eco-system which PayNet operates. DuitNow is intended to serve an interoperable infrastructure between e-wallet players and

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Luno Announces Partnership With Shopee

Luno and Shopee announced a new partnership today signaling the first such collaboration between an e-commerce player and a crypto platform in Malaysia. As a result of this collaboration, Malaysians now have access to deals, discounts, and vouchers on Shopee

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