How WIDE Technologies Powers the Digital Banking Revolution in ASEAN

How WIDE Technologies Powers the Digital Banking Revolution in ASEAN

by February 7, 2023

The ease of digital banking is no longer an exception; consumers expect it. Additionally, they expect omnichannel and cross-border access to secure banking wherever they are, especially with the increasing fintech offerings available in the market. One of ASEAN’s most experienced digital banking solution providers is WIDE Technologies.  

Wide Technologies

Wide Technologies

WIDE Technologies: Deep experience in digital banking

WIDE Technologies started over two decades earlier as software company PT Aprisma Indonesia serving the financial and telecommunication industry in 2000. Aprisma became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wirecard AG in 2013 and changed its name to PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia in 2019. 

In 2021, PT Kreasi Teknologi Makmur, a technology holding company backed by a conglomerate – a top 10 palm oil producer in Indonesia – purchased all PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia shares, including its Malaysian subsidiary. They are subsequently rebranded under WIDE Technologies.

This allows its experienced team of over 350 software professionals to continue providing high-performance end-to-end solutions with open API and microservices for more than 20 corporate and retail banks in Southeast Asia. This is in addition to the other 1,000+ employees who were employed from 92 cities in Indonesia to serve their Fintech customers.

Apart from Fintechs, the company also provides solutions to their customers who come from other technology sectors, such as agriculture (agritech), health (healthtech), and education (edutech).

PrimeCash X for future-ready banking 

PrimeCash X

WIDE’s award-winning signature integrated banking system application PrimeCash X contains the latest upgrades for more extensive customer offerings. These include Wealth Management, Forex Dealing, Market Place (Bond), Tax Payment Management, and more. 

Since its architecture is based on microservices with independent components, it is easier to scale up and faster in development. Any upgrade will not disrupt the whole system. Microservices allow for targeted and confined modifications without affecting other modules.

PrimeCash X has an Open API for interconnectivity. It is also equipped with the most recent technology stack, namely Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring Framework, ReactJS with responsive Single page application, Java language, Gradle, GitLab CI/CD, Flutter, Kubernetes/OpenShift, and later. These allow developers flexibility and support to create new features and use more platforms now and in the future. It also leverages Gitlab Runner for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

Quick, flexible, and secure platform

The PrimeCash platform has a comprehensive integration engine allowing it to connect to any backend and third-party system. It is flexible and can be adapted to work with configuration. It also enables quick-time-to-market and ease of enhancement with its modular offering coupled with end-to-end security from the web server to the application and database. 

Its security protocol complies with recognized industry and international standards such as the ISO270001, the international standard for information security. 

All the apps operate at maximum security compliance and follow various measures such as OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) standard, Static Code Analysis, Identity Access Management, activity logs for investigation, encryption, and more.  

WIDE Technologies solutions have a flexible price model, an advanced approval matrix, mobile token authentication, and an interactive design and dashboard. 

Internet banking excellence

WIDE Technologies Malaysia has excellent internet banking for retail and corporate customers in web and mobile channels. Equipped with eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) and live chat assistance, WIDE offers a seamless digital banking experience.  

The company has a diverse group of experienced resources from the business and technical divisions. It provides a solid support system for aspirant banks to explore how they can go digital and ensure their investment is protected. 

Pardjo Yap WIDE Technologies

Pardjo Yap

“Trusted by 20 clients from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, we provide secure solution that you can tailor to suit your needs”, said Pardjo Yap who is the Group CEO.

Connect with WIDE Technologies Malaysia today to prime your bank with digital transaction solutions and cross-border payment capabilities.