Malacca Securities Launches New Global Investment App ‘M+ Global’

Malacca Securities Launches New Global Investment App ‘M+ Global’

by May 25, 2023

Malaysian stockbroker Malacca Securities has launched an all-in-one global trading platform for all traders dubbed as M+ Global.

This will provide investors with access to a diverse range of international investment opportunities, starting with two of the world’s largest global stock markets – the United States and Hong Kong.

Users can access over 7,000 stock listings in the United States, 3,000 in Hong Kong and unlimited tradeable derivatives, including warrants, ETFs, CBBCs and REITs.

This allows Malaysians to invest in major corporations such as Apple, Tesla, Alibaba, Tencent, and many more.

M+ Global claims to be the first digital trading platform in Malaysia which offers basic real-time data in partnership with the National Association of Securities Automated Quotations (NASDAQ).

The platform also offers a Shariah Screening feature for global stocks, allowing Malaysians to identify Shariah-friendly stocks efficiently and accurately on a global scale.

M+ Global is integrated with 24/7 stock-mover monitoring and real-time news where users can personalise their watchlist news, customise their alerts and get instant updates on top trending news.

The platform has a 24-hour multi-channel customer support service on in-app live chat, WhatsApp, hotline, email and live stream.

Initial public offering (IPO), conditional order, US fractional shares and options trading will be rolled out soon to the public in stages.

Lim Chia Wei

Lim Chia Wei

Lim Chia Wei, Managing Director of Malacca Securities, said,

“We’re excited to take Malaysians on a journey to win the world with M+ Global.


By offering access to the United States and Hong Kong markets, Malaysians now have greater investment opportunities in some of the largest and most successful companies across various sectors and industries globally.”



Featured image: (From left to right) Chuck Lim, Head of Business of Malacca Securities, Lim Chia Wei, Managing Director of Malacca Securities and Fok Chuan Meng, Executive Director, Dealing of Malacca Securities