BNM’s RENTAS Modernisation Plans to Futureproof Malaysia Payments Infrastructure

BNM’s RENTAS Modernisation Plans to Futureproof Malaysia Payments Infrastructure

by March 1, 2024

The Real Time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities System (RENTAS) represents a cornerstone of the financial infrastructure in Malaysia, facilitating the real-time gross settlement (RTGS) of large-value payments across the nation’s financial institutions.

This pivotal system facilitates the seamless execution of large-value payments across the country, playing a crucial role in the stability and efficiency of Malaysia’s financial markets.

As the financial landscape undergoes rapid transformation, driven by fintech innovation and changing regulatory standards, the modernisation of RENTAS emerges as a pivotal initiative undertaken by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

In light of the need to update RENTAS to be in-line with global real-time payment standards, BNM has released a discussion paper outlining the strategic undertakings aimed at modernising RENTAS. A look through the paper makes it evident that this initiative by the central bank is not merely an upgrade but a transformative leap forward, aligning Malaysia with global financial innovation trends.

Global Imperatives for RTGS Modernisation

Globally, the narrative surrounding Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems is one of proactive modernisation. Central banks worldwide are embarking on ambitious projects to upgrade their RTGS infrastructures. These initiatives are driven by the necessity to enhance system resilience, operational efficiency, and cross-border payment interoperability.

Malaysia, under the stewardship of BNM, is aligning itself with these global efforts, as evidenced by its comprehensive modernisation plan for RENTAS. This plan is articulated within the broader Financial Sector Blueprint for 2022-2026, signalling BNM’s foresight and commitment to futureproofing the nation’s financial infrastructure.

Source: RENTAS Modernisation Plans Discussion Paper; BNM

The Modernisation Vision for RENTAS

BNM’s proposals for RENTAS are both broad and deep, targeting enhancements that ensure near-continuous operation and broaden access to the system. The modernisation initiative aims to not only future-proof RENTAS but also to significantly augment its utility in facilitating efficient and secure financial transactions across Malaysia.

With RENTAS having processed over 400,000 transactions valued in excess of RM6.9 trillion in 2023, the urgency for its evolution is palpable, with the discussion paper highlighting its indispensable role plus the addition of non-bank payment service providers that are adding complexity to real-time payments settlement ecosystem.

Addressing Emerging Dynamics and Opportunities

The financial landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift, marked by the emergence of fintech and the blurring of lines between traditional banking services and non-bank payment service providers. This transformation, coupled with the global move towards standards like ISO 20022 and the escalating spectrum of cyber threats, underscores the imperative for RENTAS to not just adapt, but spearhead innovation and security within the real-time financial payments area.

The paper noted feedback from RENTAS stakeholders has underscored a collective endorsement for the modernisation efforts, spotlighting the need for more streamlined compliance processes and the exploration of burgeoning technologies including APIs (Applications Programming Interfaces, mini programmes with user-friendly interfaces for quicker, more efficient onboarding), DLT (distributed ledger or blockchain technology), and AI (artificial intelligence, to automate and reduce inefficiency from repetitive procedures).

This consensus reflects the broader industry’s recognition of the importance of evolving RENTAS to meet the shifting demands of the financial ecosystem, particularly in areas like liquidity management and data analytics.

BNM's RENTAS Modernisation Plans to Futureproof Malaysia Payments Infrastructure

Source: RENTAS Modernisation Plans Discussion Paper; BNM

Core Principles Guiding Modernisation

The blueprint for RENTAS’s modernisation as pointed out by the central bank will be underpinned by principles that emphasise agility, user-friendliness, equitable access, and uncompromising security. These guiding principles ensure that RENTAS remains a cornerstone for secure and efficient financial transactions, while also serving as a catalyst for innovation and competition within the financial sector.

Particularly noteworthy is the initiative to expand RENTAS’s operational hours and explore the feasibility of near-continuous operations. These enhancements are aimed at improving cross-border payment efficiency, enhancing liquidity management, and minimising settlement risk, thereby aligning RENTAS with international best practices for RTGS systems.

Technological Innovation at the Forefront

A critical aspect of RENTAS’s modernisation is the drive towards open and flexible connectivity, aiming to facilitate access for a diverse range of participants and enable integration with other financial market infrastructures. This strategic move is expected to ignite innovation and competition, ultimately benefiting both the industry and end-users.

However, this journey towards technological innovation and open connectivity is accompanied by heightened cyber and operational risks. In response, BNM is committed to instituting robust security measures to protect the integrity of the RENTAS ecosystem, ensuring its resilience in the face of evolving threats.

BNM's RENTAS Modernisation Plans to Futureproof Malaysia Payments Infrastructure

Source: RENTAS Modernisation Plans Discussion Paper; BNM

Enhancing Liquidity Management and User Functionality

Effective liquidity management is paramount for the smooth functioning of RENTAS. BNM’s proposals to enhance liquidity management tools and introduce liquidity savings mechanisms (LSMs) are designed to optimise liquidity usage and support the efficient operation of the payment and settlement system.

The outlined initiatives aim to equip RENTAS participants with sophisticated tools for more effective liquidity management, enhancing the system’s resilience, particularly in times of financial stress.

As part of its strategic vision, BNM is also proposing several key areas for development, including the support for near 24/7 operations and the enhancement of data sharing and analytics capabilities.

BNM’s approach to modernising RENTAS is characterised by inclusivity and collaborative engagement with industry stakeholders. By actively soliciting feedback and insights from participants, BNM ensures that the modernisation efforts are attuned to the needs and aspirations of the financial community, thereby enhancing the initiative’s relevance and effectiveness.

Source: RENTAS Modernisation Plans Discussion Paper; BNM

Envisioning the Future: RENTAS’s Strategic Trajectory

As RENTAS embarks on this ambitious journey of modernisation, its focus is squarely on meeting the challenges of the future while continuing to serve as a stable and efficient platform for financial transactions in Malaysia. This initiative transcends mere technological upgrades; it represents a strategic endeavour to elevate Malaysia’s financial infrastructure to the forefront of global financial innovation.

By embracing technological advancements, enhancing risk management practices, and fostering an environment of collaboration and inclusivity, RENTAS is poised to solidify its role as a fundamental pillar of Malaysia’s financial infrastructure. Looking ahead, RENTAS is not just adapting to change but leading it, setting a global benchmark for RTGS systems and ensuring the continued growth and stability of Malaysia’s financial sector.

This visionary approach to modernisation ensures that RENTAS will continue to be a key enabler of financial transactions in Malaysia, adeptly navigating the complexities of a rapidly evolving global financial landscape.



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