GXBank CEO Pei Si Lai Champions Financial Literacy and Women’s Empowerment

GXBank CEO Pei Si Lai Champions Financial Literacy and Women’s Empowerment

by March 8, 2024

As we honour Women’s Day, it is paramount to spotlight the transformative leadership of Pei Si Lai, CEO of GXBank, whose embodiment of inclusivity, empowerment, and forward-thinking is reshaping the contours of digital banking.

In a realm where technology and finance herald unprecedented opportunities and challenges, Pei Si’s stewardship at GXBank offers profound insights into nurturing leadership that champions innovation and steadfastly promotes financial inclusivity.

Cultivating an empowered and inclusive culture

Pei Si’s leadership ethos is deeply rooted in the belief that empowerment and inclusivity are not merely corporate buzzwords but the foundation upon which transformative organisations are built.

She passionately advocates for an environment where “every team member, regardless of seniority and background, has an equal voice on the table.”

This principle of inclusivity underpins the collaborative spirit that drives GXBank forward, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are welcomed and integral to the bank’s innovative thrust.

Pei Si LaiGXBank

Pei Si Lai

Pei Si’s approach to leadership goes beyond the conventional success metrics, focusing instead on leading by example.

“Teams look at not only what the leader says but, more so, what the leader does,”

Pei Si asserted, highlighting the profound impact of actions over words.

Her commitment to problem-solving and accountability vividly reflects this philosophy, encapsulated in the mantra, “YPIMP” (Your problem is my problem).

Pei Si’s dedication to embodying her values creates a ripple effect, inspiring her team to embrace challenges with resilience and uphold a collective ethos of responsibility and support.

Navigating the digital banking revolution

The shift from traditional to digital banking brings unique challenges and opportunities, something Pei Si has experienced firsthand.

“Creating a bank from a blank sheet with no legacy gives us room to experiment, step out of the norm, and disrupt with intent,”

she reflected, underscoring the dual aspects of freedom and responsibility that come with pioneering in the digital domain.

“This allowed GXBank the freedom to innovate and disrupt traditional banking models,”

said Pei Si.

This process of unlearning and relearning has been central to Pei SI’s leadership, reinforcing the idea that adaptability and a willingness to embrace change are vital to thriving in the digital era.

She advised aspiring leaders to “Be bold, Be Purposeful, Be the Best Version of Yourself,” emphasising the significance of purpose-driven action and the courage to embrace change.

Pei Si’s insights illuminate the path for professionals in the banking sector, advocating for a mindset of continuous learning, adaptability, and questioning of established norms to navigate the complexities of digital finance.

Championing financial inclusion and bridging the gender gap

At the heart of GXBank’s mission lies a commitment to financial inclusion, focused on bridging the persistent gender gap in financial access.

Pei Si drew attention to alarming statistics that reveal the extent of this disparity, noting that “men own 55 percent more deposit accounts than women,” a gap that has far-reaching implications on economic growth, equality, and empowerment.

Through initiatives like the savings ‘Pockets’, GXBank is making strides towards empowering Malaysians, especially women, to enhance their financial literacy and resilience.

The positive reception and widespread adoption of GXBank’s features among its users testify to the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Pei Si ‘s vision of a financially inclusive future is one where “financial literacy has a crucial role to play,” emphasising the bank’s commitment to fostering good financial habits among Malaysians.

This vision extends beyond product innovation, advocating for a collaborative effort among regulators, partners, and the broader banking community to cultivate a financially savvy and resilient nation.

Empowering women in finance

Pei Si ‘s strategies for fostering an environment conducive to the advancement of women in the financial sector are both practical and profound.

She champions the acknowledgement of women’s contributions and the provision of equal opportunities based on merit.

Highlighting the achievements of notable women in finance, Pei Si emphasised that “the fact that four of our five leads (including herself) of innovative digital banks are women says a lot about the capabilities of women in the finance sector.”

“Their leadership, dedication, and perseverance have paved the way for many of the women leaders of today and into the future,”

she said.

The emphasis on flexible working arrangements and creating a supportive workplace reflects Pei Si ‘s understanding of the challenges working mothers and women face juggling multiple responsibilities.

“A better work-life balance translates into their work quality and productivity,”

Pei Si noted, advocating for policies and practices that support women’s full participation and advancement in the workplace.

Envisioning the future of digital banking in Malaysia

Looking to the future, Pei Si envisions GXBank’s role in making digital banking accessible to all Malaysians.

With a focus on growing local talent, leveraging technology to solve unique financial challenges, and bridging the gap for the underserved, GXBank is poised to lead the charge towards a financially inclusive Malaysia.

“We want to help build financial literacy…where individuals understand the value of savings, and businesses understand cash flow are stepping stones towards financial progress and resilience,”

Pei Si shared, outlining her vision for a nation where financial empowerment is within everyone’s reach.

In celebrating Women’s Day, Pei Si Lai’s leadership journey at GXBank is a powerful reminder of the role of visionary leaders in driving change.

Her unwavering commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and financial inclusion sets a benchmark for what is possible when we champion diversity and innovation.

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