RM 14 Million Raised: pitchIN Leads Malaysia’s Equity Crowdfunding with 60% Market Share

Malaysia’s equity crowdfunding scene is becoming increasingly vibrant, during the pitchIN Equity Crowdfunding Report 2017 event, the crowdfunding platform announced that they ended 2017 with 60% market share closing at a total of RM 14,022,132 with 12 issuers.   Sam

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The State of Equity Crowdfunding Malaysia

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism that enables the general public to invest in typically early stage businesses. In return for the investment the investors are typically given a small piece of equity in return (think Kickstarter but instead of rewards

Read More – World’s First Licensed Islamic P2P/Crowdfunding Platform

Securities Commission Malaysia has awarded 6 P2P licenses, one of which is the world’s first license for Shari’ah-compliant P2P. This license was awarded to, which will be focused on funding small businesses, and real estate development projects. The team

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