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DuitNow Now Available to 17 More Banks

An additional 17 banks and non-banks will soon launch the DuitNow service as well. Customers wishing to receive DuitNow fund transfers using their mobile number need only perform a simple one-time registration to link their mobile number with their account

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5 Misunderstandings About PayNet’s DuitNow—Answered

Here’s where we stand on this DuitNow function that was launched by PayNet, and will be adopted by 44 banks by 6th December 2018—honestly this should have happened much sooner, and it is a step in the right direction towards

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44 Banks Want to Free You From The Hassle of Memorising Account Numbers

Last friday, some of you may have gotten a potentially questionable text from your banks—that your phone number might be integrated with something called ‘DuitNow’, and that you’re given a specific amount of time to opt out. Many Malaysians were

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