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GlobalSadaqah to Enable Zakat and Waqf Payments Using Bitcoin

GlobalSadaqah in collaboration with SINEGY and LuxTag announced today an initiative to facilitate cryptocurrency donations on their platform. In their statement, they said that the aim of this collaboration is to raise awareness and to educate the community of Muslim

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7 Cool Blockchain Projects Made Right Here in Malaysia

Besides ‘big data’ and ‘artificial intelligence’, the trendy buzzword in tech now is also blockchain, which the collective industry has finally realised can do more than just back cryptocurrency coins. And it is always interesting to see blockchain applications that

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Fintech Malaysia Report 2017

  Note: We’ve update this report, the 2018 edition of the Fintech Report can be found here In the context of conversations surrounding fintech opportunities in South East Asia, Malaysia is often overlooked in lieu of Singapore. While it is

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